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Our Products


M -Arc Retractor

M -ARC is intended to solve the need for proper elevation of skin flaps, which is tedious for the surgeons such that the retractor system will provide adequate elevation of skin flaps, without compromising the operating space of the surgeon. A self-retaining retraction system will enable uniform retraction of the flap that enables quicker healing and fewer complications in the patients who have other therapeutic modalities such as Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy as an adjunct to surgical therapy. Our product, M - Arc retraction system, is aimed towards increasing the surgical experience in the mastectomy procedure.


An Extended Reality (XR) platform that brings the information within preoperative imaging to life, allowing the surgeon to see through the patient's skin and appreciate the underlying anatomy without making a single incision.

Using XR assistance, surgeons will be able to overlay 3D digital models of CT scans onto patients in the operating theatre to assist them in understanding the patient’s unique anatomy of blood vessels, tissue, bones, tumours prior to incision.

The platform connects to other collaborators to give their inputs on the procedure and dynamically search and find related reference materials

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